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What to Measure

Your inside leg length -- is the distance between your body where it sits on your bike saddle and the ground.

This will typically be an inch or two longer than the length of your trousers, but you’ll want to measure to be sure.

How to Measure

Gather the tools needed:

  1. Medium-width hardcover book

  2. Tape measure

  3. A wall you can stand against

  4. A trusted friend or relative


Wearing your regular riding shoes and with your back to the wall, stand with your feet spread so there is about 7 inches between them - this is about the distance apart your feet would be when straddling a bike with your feet on the ground (standover height).

Place a hardcover book against the wall with the spine of the book facing upward. Slide the book upwards towards your groin until it is solidly against your body. .


If you have a buddy helping you, get them to measure from the floor to the top of the book spine while you hold the book in place. If you’re going it alone, carefully hold the book in place and measure from the ground to the top of the book spine.

You need to have an inside leg of at least 67 cm (26.5 inches)

Sorry, you won't have any fun if the bike's too big for you. But never fear, smaller bikes are on their way. Please visit our website again for updates.

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